Runtime Sensorized Treadmill

runtime sensored treadmill
The New Approach To The Postural Analysis.

Our RunTime treadmill allows highly accurate postural analysis, by calculating the plantar pressures during walking and running.

It is developed using the latest technologies, and it can meet every need in baropodometry and biomechanics.

In combination with freeStep software, RunTime belongs to thethe new generation of integrated instruments for postural evaluation and biomechanical analysis.


Resistive sensors, conductive rubber;

Sensors coated in 24K gold: repeatability and reliability;

Sampling frequency up to 200Hz in real time;

USB interface;

High performance in combination with freeStep software;

Footwork area: 120X40 cm;

Speed: up to 20 Km/h;

Inclination: 0-12%;

Max load: 130 Kg;