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We offer innovative solutions to improve the human biomechanical balance.

Our mission is to give the customer a pain free and safe walking experience by providing Quality customised orthotics for correction of human posture and biomechanics based on the Gait Analysis study.

We provide customised orthotics and foot wears for conditions such as Diabetic foot ulcers, pronation, supination, planter fasciitis, corns, heel spur, Amputations.

Cloud Walk Orthotics

Our Products

Freemed Platfroms

Our devices are designed to be the excellence for static, dynamic and stabilometric analysis.

Runtime Sensorized Treadmill

It is developed using the latest technologies, and it can meet every need in baropodometry and biomechanics.

Movit Gait

Fast, easy to use and available in any environement, thanks to the network of inertial sensors worn by the patient

Moover Inertial Sensor of Movement

Our devices are designed to be the excellence for static, dynamic and stabilometric analysis.

Podoscan 2D/3D

Our scanner 2D is an advanced tool for digital analysis of footprints and plantar loads. Through the analysis software

Vulcan CNC Milling Machine

Completely designed and manufactured from our company are dimensioned for particularly high operating speeds.

Digital Orthotics

3D Foot Scan

Computer aided design (CAD) technology is used to perform precision corrections.


Computer aided design (CAD) technology is used to perform precision corrections.

Final Product

Computer aided design (CAD) technology is used to perform precision corrections.

The Benefits

over pronation problem

During walking your foot should show natural movement, rolling forwards from the heel to the outsides. Some people experience the weight of the foot rolling towards the inside, this flattens the arch and makes the feet flat. This leaves your foot vulnerable to pain, ankle sprains, tendonitis, and severe foot pain.

Right shoes and supportive shoe soles and physical rehabilitation is essential in trying to re-align the foot bones. The sole should provide maximum support inthe form of a firm midsole beneath the arch area.

shin slpints problem

A short term condition that is best resolved with rest and leg elevation is commonly experienced due to over working the legs, tendons, and muscles. Having the right support accessories will strengthen your legs.

Athletes are most prone to this condition because of high intensity practise and activity. Surgeons and orthopedic specialists find our specialized orthopedic technology useful in measuring the success of corrective surgeries and physical therapy.

back neck pain problem

The major cause of back and neck pain can be attributed to foot related problems. Standing too long, bad posture, or wrong shoes sizes, excessive exercise are all factors contributing to severe to moderate back and neck pain. Whether you use them for walking, standing, or running marathons, our products help in analysis of posture and foot flexibility.

Analyzing every step and foot movement gives clear data on what the issue is and how to rectify these problems to give efficient movement no matter what activity you choose to do.

joints pain problem

Joint pain characterized by joint inflammation is a symptom of arthritis, and other joint diseases that may need rehabilitation or surgery. Structural deformities in the foot can be assisted with the help of custom 3D printed orthopedic soles.

Creating custom fitted soles are the first step to getting your posture straight and eliminating excruciating pain while walking as well as avoiding future foot difficulties.

supination problem

Another alignment related issue is caused by increased stress on the outer portion of the foot. Supination needs you to re-distribute the weight of the body and ease the pressure. Bunions, calluses, and bone deformities are what can be avoided when wearing calibrated shoe soles that align the foot and ankle bones in a neutral position.

Using high-technology walking equipment, monitor the placement of the each foot portion to assure corrected walking habits that lead to healthy feet. Easily transfer monitor data to mobile devices for storage and future referencing.

plantar fascia problem

This self diagnosed foot condition is treatable with physical therapy that begins with getting the right sole to correctly shape your foot. Plantar fasciitis is a syndrome defined by swelling of the tissues that link the heel bone to the toes.

The beginning of physical therapy begins with having a secure custom sole that will help your foot confirm back to normal shape and structure. Reducing the stress of the foot tissues can be done with high weight-bearing shoe internal fittings.

foot problem without insole orthotics

Lack of comfortable shoes and poor quality shoe materials can cause uncomfortability, pain, and can even disrupt the natural arch of the foot leaving your feet disfigured. Retaining your foot structure and removing all pain requires well fitted shoes that offer soft cushioning that does not compress with excessive use.

Various daily activities require well-fitted, soft but firm shoes inserts that make walking a joyful experience for people of all ages.

spine problem without insole orthotics

Leg length differences can be diagnosed by x-rays at a young age and rectified by surgery. For older people the genetic defect can be managed by wearing an orthopedic sole in one shoe to compensate for height irregularities.

Specialized soles made from highly compressible, flexible, and wearable materials are ideal to keep the pelvis aligned to avoid further health and bone conditions that lead to mobility issues in old aged people.

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