3D Foot Scan

Biomechanical Assessment

The first step in a digital process is the biomechanical assessment. This is done with the use of a biomechanical plate.

You walk or stand on the plate and it measures you pressure, gait, stride lenth etc.

Once the practitioner has completed the assessment the plate data is exported so it can be used when designing your orthotic.

3D Foot Scan

The 3D foot scan allows the practitioner to take an accurate image of your foot. The process takes 4-5 seconds per foot and the image is converted into a 3D mesh of your foot. This step alone saves the practitioner 15 minutes as the old methodology required them to use plaster of paris to mould your feet.

The foot scan is optional as the CAD CAM software is capable of using just the plate data in the design of an orthotic. While the 3D scanner is optional we do recommend it as it gives a more accurate design.